St. Neots Choral Society

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Mrs W. Archer

Mr. R. Atkin

Mrs J. Brookes

Mr. & Mrs. F. Brown

Mrs. J.Burnley

Mrs. D.Chandler

Mr. & Mrs. B.Chapman

Mrs. E. Cooper

Mrs M. Gates

Mr. J.Giffard

Mr. D.Hinton

Mrs. G. Mitchell

Mr. & Mrs. A.Moor

Mr. R.Saw

Ms. W. Shepherd

Miss. C. Swepstone

Tensor  plc

Mr. & Mrs.  J. Thomas

Mr. J. White


A1 Lifwstyle Accounts


Bianco Hair Design

Clover Office Supplies


Oliver James

Endersby Awards


Friends of St. Neots Museum

Leeds Day (Solicitors)

Parson's Nose

St. Neots Museum

The Posy Bowl

Patrons of the Society are given tickets for each of our three main concerts. If you would like to help the Society by becoming a patron, please contact Mrs. Lesley Hinton (01480)477360 who will be happy to give you more details.

Advertisements are placed in each of the three main concert programmes throughout the year and on our website (with links to your own site or one of your choice) . If you are interested in advertising please contact Mrs. Janet White (01480) 392322 who will be happy to give you more details.


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